Meeting on low-cost sensors: Tuesday 17th April, 09:30- 16:00, National Physical Laboratory

Teddington, London TW11 0LW

In the last few years there has been a rapid growth in the development and availability of low-cost sensors for measuring pollutant concentrations. The purpose of this meeting is to review the range and performance, current and future applications, and appropriate uses of such equipment. In addition to the main speakers we would like to invite short contributions from those currently using low-cost sensors in monitoring and research. We hope that this meeting will encourage networking and collaboration between those developing, testing and applying low-cost sensors.

Please use the links below to download material from the day:

Event proceedings Air Pollution Research in London (APRIL) meeting on Low-cost air quality sensors

Ally Lewis (AQEG) Air Quality Expert Group review of low cost sensors

APRIL Low Cost Sensors Agenda David Green (KCL), Experience with low-cost sensors

Jim Mills (Air Monitors), Inside Out

Nick Martin (NPL), Setting standards for low cost sensors

Rod Jones (Cambridge), Use of low-cost sensors and sensor networks

Meeting: Transport Group- Friday 16th March, 14.00, City Hall (CR3)

!! This meeting was been postponed to Friday 16th March due to bad weather!!

Mark Peckham from Cambustion will present some recent data recorded using their fast response emissions analyzers from on-board a variety of vehicles.  The data from TfL’s “West London” route shows the impact of urban driving and the accurate position of pollution “hot spots” caused by speed bumps, harsh accelerations, engine warm-up and general sub-optimal engine operation.  A comparison is made between various ages of vehicles and their NOx polluting characteristics.

A second presentation will be ‘Shipping emissions in the London Context’.  Aether will be presenting on their recent work for the Port of London Authority, which informed the Authority’s first draft air quality strategy.  The work involved the development of a “port wide” shipping emissions inventory and on-board vessel emission testing.

Finally, there will be a short presentation on some current policy initiatives from the GLA.

Past meeting: APRIL transport and health groups on 19 June 2017

This was a joint meeting of APRIL Transport and Health groups. The speakers were Dr Audrey de Nazelle, from Imperial College London, on active travel, air pollution and health; and David Talbot, from Transport for London, on the eLIPTIC (Electrification of public transport in cities) project. This project is looking at using the spare capacity of London Underground electricity network for recharging Surface Transport Electric Vehicles (buses, support fleet vehicles, etc.).

Meeting summary 19-06-17 (pdf)

Active travel and health (pdf)

The Eliptic Project (pdf)

Past meeting: APRIL Transport meeting on 7 March 2017

There were three presentations at this meeting. Rosalind O’Driscoll, from Imperial College London, spoke about real world NOX and CO2 emissions from modern petrol and diesel passenger cars. Finn Coyle, from Transport for London, then talked about retrofitting TfL buses to meet the Euro VI standard. The third presentation was by Gloria Esposito, from the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, about the design of the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme.

Meeting summary (pdf)

Real world NOX and CO2 emissions from modern petrol and diesel passenger cars (pdf)

TfL Bus retrofit to Euro VI standard (pdf)

Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme Design (pdf)

Past meeting: APRIL Transport meeting on 14 October 2016

This meeting was about the up-dating of the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (LAEI). The seven presentations provided an overview of changes to LAIE methodologies and did not attempt to cover all aspects of the up-dated inventory. This can be found on the London Datastore at: London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory 2013

Meeting summary (pdf)

LAEI 2013 Update – Introduction (pdf)

Non-road transport emission estimates (pdf)

Fleet compositions (pdf)

Updating TfL Bus Emissions (pdf)

Emissions summary (pdf)

Air quality modelling in London LAEI 2013 (pdf)

Developing new emissions functions for London (pdf)